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The Huib Drion Letter: 30 Years Later

The October Exit Podcast weaves the past, present and future into one.

It is 30 years ago this week since former Dutch Supreme Court Judge, Huib Drion, called for older people's right to self-determination at the end of life to be considered as a separate issue to euthanasia for the seriously ill.

What is amazing is that Drion's short, innocent letter to the editor of NRC newspaper resonated so strongly with readers that a new right to die movement was founded.

The philosophy of a self-determined death as a human right - is the flame that is carried today by organisations such as Exit International, Coooperation Last Will and Ultime Liberté.

This month's podcast reads aloud from the Drion Letter & explores the contradictions and predictions that can be traced to Drion's foundational philosophy.

Listen to the October Exit Podcast at: PeacefulPill.com Website or on Spotify, Anchor, etc.

An edited translation of Huib Drion's original 1991 letter can be found on the Exit website


Exit Snippet - Wednesday, 3 November

'The Devices' - Register Now

The 3 November Snippet focuses on 'the Devices' as documented in the Peaceful Pill eHandbook. Included for examination are:
  • The Sarco
  • The DeBreather
  • The Cogen
  • The Korean Collar
Each of these devices offers the possibility of a drug-free option of a peaceful and reliable death.

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October 2021 PPeH Update

The October Update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook features:
  • New Exit Swiss Application Assistance Program (AAP)
  • Update to the USA Mixtures Chapter
  • Correction to the Insulin Chapter
  • News on Nembutal
The new Swiss Application Service helps people wade through the cumbersome bureaucracy and paperwork that is required for a VAD in Switzerland.

A little hand-holding can be enormously helpful at this stressful time.

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Philip & Kat

Introducing Katrina :-)

Readers may recall the death of our dog, 12-year old Henny, back in August this year.

While Henny will always be missed, we are pleased to welcome a new addition to the family, a Jack Russell called Katrina, aka Kat!

We look forward to being able to bring her to Exit meetings in Europe and Australia in 2022.

On this note, an extensive tour of Australia and New Zealand is in the planning for September - November 2022.

We hope to hold our first post-C19 meeting in London in early Spring 2022. Future announcements will be made in this newsletter.
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