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The October Exit Snippet will be held on the USA Lethal Mixtures.

The October Exit Snippet explores the groundbreaking work coming out of the US which details the combination of lethal drugs that can be used for a peaceful death when the holy grail of Nembutal is not available.

In States such as California, the price of Nembutal is now out of reach for many people. Lethal drug combinations such as D-DMAPh have been devised to fill the gap.


Need to Know

August 21 Podcast

Why is it that Middel X has become the topic of such fervent disagreement in the Netherlands?

Does the Dutch Medical Association seriously think Middel X does NOT provide a peaceful / reliable death.

Or is something more at stake?

Namely, that the medical establishment will never accept a means of peaceful dying that does not have the imprimatur of the medical profession, no matter how good it is, or how legal.

Tune in to see what the PPeH authors really make of this current controversy.

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August 21 Peaceful Pill eHandbook Update

The August 2021 update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook publishes original data on over 30 documented deaths from 'Middel X Powder' - a lawful, acessible option.

Middel X is the substance that has become a household name in the Netherlands thanks to activist group, CLW - Cooperation Last Will.

The August 2021 Update forms the first public release of these data.

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August 21 Blog

The August Blog by Dr Philip Nitschke provides the backstory to the arguments that have been playing out in the Netherlands between those who believe that the inorganic salts are the 'best thing since sliced bread' and those who believe that they are 'extremely unsuitable' with 'unbearable symptoms'.

Controversial Stuff!

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Spain's Largest Newspaper 'El Mundo'

on Philip Nitschke, Exit & Sarco

Spain's largest national newspaper this month turned its attention to the activities of Exit and how Spanish quadriplegic Ramon Sanpedro (The Sea Inside film) inspired Philip Nitschke in his social disobedience approach to voluntary euthanasia.

Read the El Mundo article on the Exit International website.
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