What if there were a Store for Nembutal?

Over the summer, Exit Director Philip Nitschke was an inspired visitor to the XTC Pop-Up shop in the Dutch city of Utrecht.

An initiative of Poppi Drug Museum in Amsterdam, the Pop-Up showed visitors how party drugs such as XTC (ecstasy) could be distributed, were they to be made legal.

The models of distribution were: government pharmacy, candy store & a nightclub.

The Pop-Up model is a brilliant idea to get people talking and to get public debate going forward.

Exit plans to create a similar 'pop-up' to trial the distribution of Nembutal. Watch this space.

Read this week's Blog about Philip's Visit at: Peaceful Pill Website

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Australian Exit Tour 2022

Exit Meetings will be held in: Adelaide, Bowral, Brisbane, Bundaberg, Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast, Hobart, Lismore, Melbourne (x2), Newcastle, PERTH, Sunshine Coast, Sydney (x2).


Because end of life laws are new to Australia, the meetings will focus on:

a) how to ensure the law in your State/ Territory works for you
b) & your options when it doesn't & you 'fall through the cracks'

Registrations are Open
  • Workshops are free & exclusive for Exit Members.
  • Non-Members/ PPeH Subscribers are welcome to attend but must first join Exit International.
Detail are at: Exit International Website

Assisted Suicide to be Decriminalised in the NL?

This Court Case will Determine the Future

Whether the Netherlands is leading the way - or following countries such as Switzerland, Germany & Austria - one cannot yet be sure.

But, what is certain, is that this week a landmark hearing will hit the Dutch Courts when 29 Members of the Cooperation Last Will group takes on the Dutch state over their right to assisted suicide, regardless of their state of health.

The case has come about after the Dutch Government - more or less - outlawed Middel X powder (sodium azide) which CLW had been openly distributing amongst their membership.

Having narrowly escaped being branded a criminal organisation, CLW has come out swinging with their lawyers, and this week's court case is the result.

The hearing will be live-streamed (in Dutch). The winning argument will be precedent-setting and could open the way for the Sarco to be used in the country of its birth, the Netherlands.

Why? Because the nexis between medical paternalism & control (on the one hand) & needing to be seriously ill or suffering unbearably (on the other hand) - otherwise known as the 'medical model' - will finally be broken.

Read more on the Exit Website

'Dr Phil Meets Dr Phil'

Screening 13 October, USA

In August, Exit Director, Philip Nitschke met his namesake - Dr Philip McGraw, who is better known as 'the' Dr Phil.

Dr Phil filmed Dr Phil for his forthcoming episode on Medical Aid in Dying.

The Right to Die will screen across the US on Thursday 13 October.

Local (US) Listings & more about the Episode can be found on the Exit Website
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