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When: 21.00 GMT, Wednesday 19 August 2022
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Cath Ringwood

This week Exit learned the sad news of the death of Melbourne stalwart volunteer, Cath Ringwood.

Cath was at the heart of the Victorian Chapter of Exit. We will miss her greatly.

A long time survivor of leukemia and breast cancer, Cath (a former RN and social worker) became one of the public faces of Exit International, never shy to step in front of a camera to tell her story and whey she was so passionate about choice at the end.

Exit's Obituary to Cath is on the Exit Website.

Watch Cath explain her stance in Vice International's 'Death in a Can' which has been viewed > 1.3 million times on Youtube.

Remembering Cath Ringwood

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Ted X Darwin 2

In Defence of Suicide as a Life Choice

Live at Ted X Darwin

Always ahead of his time, this month's Video features a Ted X event Philip gave in Darwin in 2016.

The issues are just as relevant today as 6 years ago.

Exit has a rich history of footage on all aspects of the right to die issue.

This week marks the beginning of our archive exploration which will be shared here with Exit Internationalist readers on a regular basis.

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Print Essentials - Shipping Soon

The new PRINT edition of the 'Essentials Edition' of the Peaceful Pill eHandbook is now at the printers.

Pre-Orders are open for the new print edition which will begin shipping globally in the coming weeks.

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