New Sarco Update - February 2022

The February update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook features a new Chapter on the Sarco Euthanasia Capsule.

Following the sensational media stories about the Sarco in recent months, this new Chapter clarifies the issues and discusses the future of the invention.

The Sarco PPeH Update is complemented by this week's Update Webinar (see below) in which the authors of the Peaceful Pill eHandbook will be in discussion about Sarco and its forthcoming expected use in Switzerland.
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Sarco Blog

Sarco Update Webinar

Registrations Close Tomorrow (Monday)

Exit's inaugural online Update Webinar on the Sarco hosted by Philip Nitschke will be held on Wednesday (23/2/22) @ 21.00 GMT (16.00 NYC & 8am Sydney + 1 day).

Webinar Details
  • 21.00 GMT on the last Wednesday of the month
  • Held online, duration 60 minutes, Audience Q&A
  • Registration required for each Webinar
Webinar Cost
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* PPeH Subscribers need to buy a Webinar Subscription before registering for each webinar they want to attend.
** All attendees must be aged 50 years & over. Photo ID may be required.
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