Few would disagree that it is because of Marie Fleming that the Republic of Ireland is now considering changing the law on assisted suicide/ dying.

The partner of Exit Director Tom Curran, in 2011 Marie Fleming took a landmark legal case to the Irish High Court alleging discrimination (due to her encroaching MS).

While Marie lost on appeal in the Supreme Court, she succeeded in placing the issue of euthanasia (a good death) on the political map of Ireland.

This is why it is so important that any law that is passed in Ireland caters from the get-go to people like Marie: and not only to those who are terminally ill (with left than 6 months to live) as has been the disappointing case in Australia, the US and countries such as New Zealand.

Law change in Ireland is Marie's legacy. It is on us to make her proud.

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Read Marie Fleming's book - An Act of Love (Amazon.com)
If you need help to end your life because you are too disabled to do it yourself, are you being discriminated against?

This was the question Marie Fleming took to the Irish Courts.

Towards the end, Marie's MS was so bad she couldn't move. She wanted permission from the courts for Tom Curran to help her die.

The Courts said NO! Read the whys & hows of Marie's landmark cases in our new Irish Blog
In Ireland there is a political party called People before Profit. Their TD (MP) is called Gino Kenny.

In September 2020, Kenny introduced a Private Members Bill to the Irish Parliament aimed at allowed assisted dying for the terminally ill.

Despite the bill progressing to its 2nd phase with majority support, it was then referred to committee where it continues to languish today.

Read the full story of the Irish legislative state of play on our new Irish Blog
Given the political machinations in Ireland, it seems an opportune moment to start planning for a major, international conference on everybody's right to a peaceful death.

What can a law ever hope to offer? What of the role of technology at the end of life? And what should we do with the question of Dementia. Is an AI implantable device possible?

The program for the conference is currently under consideration and a website under construction for all the news.

More announcements will be made over the coming months so watch this space.

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'Letting Go' - the Play

Whale Theatre, Dublin, 5 March

The Exit community is invited to the world premiere of the professional production of Letting Go, a new play about the the love story of Marie Fleming & Tom Curran.

A previous production of Letting Go was scheduled for March 2020 but needed to be abandoned with the onset of the C19 pandemic.

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