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February 2022 Update Webinar

Registrations - Now Open

Commencing Wednesday 23 February 2022, Philip Nitschke will be hosting regular Update Webinars based on updates to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

Update Webinars will provide PPeH Subscribers & Exit Members with an overview of the changes that are made with each major Update to the PPeH (6-12 times a year) & provide an opportunity in real time for reader Q&A.

Update Webinars are exclusive to current Exit Members (irrespective of whether they subscribe to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook) & current PPeH Subscribers.

Need to Know
  • Held online
  • Duration 60 minutes
  • 21.00 GMT on the last Wednesday of the month
  • Registration for each separate Webinar required
  • Webinars are Free for Exit Members
  • On Subscription for PPeH Subscribers - US$40
  • New Subscribers can bundle the 24-month PPeH subscription + 12 month Webinar Series subscription, US$125
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Register - February Webinar (Exit Members) *

Buy - Webinar Subscription ($40 - PPeH Subscribers then register)**

Buy a Bundle (new subscribers to PPeH + Webinars) ($135)

* Registration is free for Exit Members
** PPeH Subscribers must buy a Webinar Subscription before registering in due course for each webinar they want to attend.

Exit Online Peaceful Pill Forums

Annual Security Lockout & Re-register Invitation

From Sunday 30 January 2022, the Exit Peaceful Pill Forums will close & reopen.

To enjoy continued access to the Forums, previous Forum Members are invited to renew their Membership.

Exit Members / PPeH Subscribers who are not yet Forum Members are invited to apply to Join.

Each year, Exit closes the online forums as a strict security measure: to ensure that only Exit Members & current Peaceful Pill eHandbook subscribers have access to this special, private online space.

Membership of the Peaceful Pill Forums is a closely guarded privilege. These strong security measures are put in place for the safety & peace of mind of all involved.

More information
Apply to Join/ Rejoin Forums

* Photo ID is required (if not already provided)
* All participants must be aged > 50 years, and of sound mind

Inquiries: forums@exitinternational.net

New Podcast - Listen Now

Dahlia Kurtz is an Award-Winning Talk Show Host, Canada’s First Nationally Syndicated Social Media Columnist, Writer & Righter.

Earlier this month she interviewed Exit's Philip Nitschke about Sarco, AI, Implants and the future of the universe.

Podcast Synopsis

Dr. Philip Nitschke is the first doctor in the world to administer a legal, lethal voluntary injection. He is the creator of Sarco, the suicide pod, and founder of Exit International.

He joins Dahlia Kurtz on 'Good Mornings' to have the conversation that no one likes having – but the conversation that must be had regardless …

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