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The New Yorker Long Read

This week the New Yorker has published a forward-thinking longread titled 'We’ve Had Great Success Extending Life. What About Ending It?' by Brooke Jarvis, featuring members of Exit International as highlighted in Katie Engelhart's new book The Inevitable: Dispatches from Right to Die.

Jarvis writes:
One woman, an Upper West Side Manhattanite whom Engelhart calls Betty, was inspired to read the “Handbook” after watching an old friend live into his nineties; in her eyes, he was suffering and depressed, and doctors, whose only philosophy was “Save a life! Save a life! Save a life!,” weren’t thinking about what that meant for him. Wanting more agency to decide when she was finished with living, Betty travelled to Mexico, following the manual’s advice, to buy a stockpile of a lethal drug. She seems excited to tell the story of her illicit adventure: how she bought the drug at a pet store, prepared to “pull the little-old-lady cover” if police stopped her; how she and her two best friends have made a pact for how to use it if and when they decide that it’s time.

Read We’ve Had Great Success Extending Life. What About Ending It? in full on the Exit Website or in The New Yorker (a subscription may be required).

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May Doxit Podcast

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Despite appearances, Philip Nitschke is an intensely private person. In the forthcoming May Doxit Podcast, Fiona questions to him as to his historic 25 year involvement in the global right to die movement and the trials / tribulations facing his plans for the future.

A podcast not to miss!

Broadcast Date: Sunday 30 May 2021

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The Right to a Self Determined Life

Dan Gaffney makes a poignant contribution

Author Dan Gaffney is a former psychologist, teacher and journalist. His writing has been published widely, including in The Australian, The Weekend Australian, Australian Doctor, and more.

He has also been a health broadcaster for ABC Radio National. Over the past 20 years he has mentored groups about how to live and die more mindfully.

His interest in writing about living and dying well was sharpened five years ago when he was diagnosed with an incurable blood cancer.

Dan writes:

"Euthanasia is divisive. And like other issues that divide us, like immigration policy or same-sex marriage, I’m guessing that people with little to no experience of euthanasia have more strident and negative views than those with personal and professional experience of it.

I say this because there’s good evidence, for example, that people with racially and ethnically diverse social networks are less likely to support racist views than people with monocultural networks.

It turns out that education and life experience breed tolerance and compassion."

Read Dan Gaffney's full blog at his site
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