May 2021 PPeH Update

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This month's Peaceful Pill eHandbook Update features a rewrite of the Morphine & Opioids Chapter with new sections included and older sections clarified / updated.

In the May Update we explain terms that you might have heard, but not understood including: Terminal Sedation, Double Effect, Pharmacological Oblivion, ‘3M’ Treatment & Slow Euthanasia.

We also examine the reasons why Morphine & the Opioids need to be viewed with great caution as DIY end of life agents.

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Swiss Court Rules on VAD

for People with Mental Illness

This week's landmark Swiss decision concerning the VAD of a mentally ill woman in Switzerland in 2016 brings welcome relief for everyone working in the right to die movement in Switzerland.

There is a number of significant issues that now stand as case law as a result of this Cantonal Court decision:
  1. When a person presents for a VAD with a mental illness, a generalist doctor (as opposed to a psychiatrist) can make the mental capacity assessment
  2. Swiss courts place considerable importance on a person's right to self-determination, even if they have a mental illness
  3. Despite a posthumous forensic report that found the woman lacked mental capacity at the time of her death, the Court ruled to the contrary prioritising first-hand accounts of the woman's mental state
*While there could be a further appeal there is no doubt that this is a very welcome second (and possibly final) stage in the proceedings.

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Next Snippet - Wed 2 June 2021

Live from Pegasos in Switzerland


  • Dying in Switzerland - an overview
  • Why do the Swiss have only 2 safeguards?
  • What makes Pegasos Swiss Association special?
  • Qualifying for a VAD in Switzerland: eg. mental illness
  • Special guest speakers
  • Pegasos applications, timelines, travel assistance etc
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Snippets are Exit's 2021 series of online, real time workshops held at 22.00 British Summer Time (BST). Next Snippet Wednesday 2 June 2021.

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May 2021 eDeliverance Newsletter

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  • Rhys Habermann: The Backstory
  • Going Global: Human Rights Framework for EOL Choices
  • Exitorial
  • Book Banning in Australia
  • Exit 2021 Snippet Series
  • Doxit Podcasts
  • Laura’s Kitchen Table
  • French Controversies & Ultime Liberté
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New 2021 PRINT Peaceful Pill Handbook

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The 2021 Print Peaceful Pill Handbook edition is now available.

Based on the March 2021 edition of the online Peaceful Pill eHandbook, the new 456-page, Print PPH contains 28 Chapters with all you need to know about practical end of life choices & related issues.

The Print PPH does not include
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