Good Death as a Human Right

NL, Germany & Austria Proclaim!

This month's Doxit Podcast takes a look at the emerging trend in Europe where courts are being challenged to rule that the right to a self-determined death is a universal human right for all.

Dutch group CLW have been open in acknowledging the shift in Germany, and now Austria, over the past 18 months - where the prohibition on assisted suicide has been ruled unconstitutional and an individual's right to have control over their death - whatever the circumstances - has been upheld as a fundamental human right.

This European progress stands in stark contrast to countries like Australia/ NZ/ USA which continue to pass laws that reflect a head-in-the-sand approach to the lessons that should have been learned over the past 2 or more decades of euthanasia practice and activism.

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Change in Screen Schedule??

There is Nothing Like a Death (of a Duke) ...

There is nothing like a death to bump a program that you were waiting for from its prime time viewing slot on national TV.

The death of Prince Philip 2 weeks ago was enough for Australia's national broadcaster, the ABC, to replace the screening of the Laura's Choice Documentary with a tribute to the Duke.

For those readers outside of Australia, yes the Queen is still ... sigh ... Australia's head of state. The war of independence remains a long way off in the land downunder.

The good news is that Laura's Choice will 'definitely' screen on Tuesday this week, with Episode 2 destined to be shown on Tuesday 27 April.

Our Dutch lockdown & night curfew is due to be lifted on 28 April so the timing is perfect 😁!

To recap, Laura's Choice is about the 'bad arse' grandma Laura Henkel and the years that lead up to her death at Pegasos in December 2019.

If you are not in Australia, you can watch Laura's Choice anytime on ABC iView, as long as you have a VPN set to 'Australia'.
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New End of Life Discussion Forums

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For those who want to make new friends and change the world, the new Laura's Kitchen Table online discussion forums are the place to go.

With a focus on Australia, this kitchen table welcomes all those interested in talking about the difference between medically-controlled assisted dying for the terminally ill and 'the autonomous route' which respects the right of older people to make their own life and death decisions.

People like Laura Henkel who shunned the care home option (and industry).

People like Laura Henkel, Prof David Goodall, Prof Avril Henry, Marie Flemming, Prof Sandy Bem, Don & Iris Flounders, Lisette Nigot & Sidney & Marjorie Croft who thought that their death was no one else's business, and certainly something that no one else (including the State) should dictate to them.

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  • why this practice is called 'slow euthanasia'
  • difficulties when using opiates for DIY death
  • the twin problems of sensitivity & tolerance
  • solutions to the problems with these drugs
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