March 2021 PPeH UPdate

New Gases Chapter

The Gases Chapter - one of the original Chapters of the Peaceful Pill eHandbook is now the subject of a complete overhaul!

The new Chapter includes an examination of the new Coronvirus protection helmets (as a possible Exit bag replacement): a topic canvassed at the recent launch of the Exit Citizen Science Initiative

The March Update - firmly shifts emphasis from helium to nitrogen and includes detailed discussion on issues such as sources, physiology (the no-tell-tale death) & related legal and practical issues.

The March 2021 Update is now available.

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Drug Premedication & Potentiation

Next Snippet - 7 April 2021

The topic for the forthcoming 7 April Exit Snippet will be Drug Premedication & Potentiation

The next Snippet will look in detail at various ways to ensure that a chosen end life method will be effective. The Snippet will cover topics such as: anti-emetics, sedatives, B blockers, PPIs as well as hyperventilation and fasting.

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Exit Snippets are mini, online, monthly workshops exclusively for Exit Members and PPeH Subscribers, held on the 1st Wednesday of each month (7 April).

Time Zones
  • 21.00 BST - London
  • 22.00 CEST - Amsterdam
  • 13.00 Pacific – Nth America – West coast
  • 16.00 East – Nth America – East coast
  • 8am AEDT – Thursday 8 April - Sydney/ Melbourne
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* Recordings are available on subscription to Exit Members & PPeH Subscribers

** Registrations for 7 April will close Easter Monday (5 April)

Can you Donate your Organs?

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At Exit, we are often asked about assisted dying and organ donation. For example, is it possible to donate one’s organs after a suicide or, in the context of an assisted dying law, after the assisted death/ assisted suicide.

In general, the answer has always been no, except in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium and, more recently, Canada. This is despite widespread organ shortages in almost all western countries.

Most ironically of all, organ donation is not possible after a VAD in Switzerland.

Read our new Blog to discover why

New Book on Sodium Nitrite

NuTech 2020 Speaker, Guillaume Coudray, has had his new book translated into English - 'Who Poisoned your Bacon Sandwich? The Dangerous History of Meat Additives'.

Did you know that bacon, ham, hot dogs and salami are classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as ‘category 1 carcinogens’? Who Poisoned your Bacon Sandwich shows Sodium Nitrite to be a deadly topic either which way.

Reviewed by the Daily Mail as a 'bombshell book' and by The Spectator as 'highly persuasive … a well-organised and solid dossier that alerts us to legalised chemical trickery', tells the full story of how, since the 1970s, the meat-processing industry has denied the health risks because these additives make curing cheaper and quicker, extending shelf life and giving meat a pleasing pink colour.

Who Poisoned your Bacon Sandwich is available at Amazon
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