Peaceful Pill eHandbook Update

April 2024

The April PPeH Update features new video footage which was recorded live at Exit's 2024 Sydney Workshop in February.

Watch while Philip ponders the fundamental differences in the use of nitrogen hypoxia in the context of voluntary and non-voluntary dying. And why masks remain intensely problematic.

Philip also discusses why he believes Nitrogen remains one of the most important means for a peaceful and reliable death, especially in the context of the Sarco device.

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New Exit Podcast

'What I should have told Kenny'

This week Exit publishes our first podcast for the year.

This week's podcast offers an expert fact-check regarding the misleading and often misinformed commentary on the topic of Nitrogen Hypoxia.

In January 2024, the US state of Alabama became the first place to use nitrogen hypoxia to execute a prisoner.

Despite eye-witness accounts that attest to the horror of Smith's final moments, that state is already planning nitrogen execution No. 2: that is if they can get the nitrogen gas. Already suppliers are stating publicly that they will not supply the gas if it is going to be used in executions.

The Exit Podcast discusses how Kenneth Smith came to have such an awful death. What he could have done different to ensure that his death was quick and peaceful and the contradictions surrounding this dilemma.

Kenneth Smith was wedged. Cooperate with the authorities and die (against his will) quickly and peacefully? Or fight the process and have the disturbing and protracted death that Alabama forced upon him.

Listen Now on the Peaceful Pill Handbook Website or whether you get your podcasts.
The next Exit Workshop will be held at Dragon Hall in London on Saturday 11 May, from 1 - 4pm. The Theme is 'Old Age Rational Suicide'.

Registrations are open

London Workshop Topics
* Nitrogen Hypoxia & that Alabama Execution
* Nitrite Salts & the Trial of Kenneth Law
* The Sarco Project
* The Swiss Option

- Age restrictions apply.
- Photo ID may be required.
- Afternoon tea will be served.

Venue: Dragon Hall, 17 Stukeley St, Holborn WC2B 5LT

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