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The Perils of Sharing your End of Life Plans


A few weeks back, Exit's Melbourne Chapter Coordinator , Chris Lovelock, shared his end of life plans with a 'good friend' of 10+ years.

On hearing the news, the so-called 'friend' contacted the police who arrived at Chris' home in Melbourne and proceeded to detain him under Victoria's Mental Health Act.

Chris has written a detailed account of his experiences in an effort to warn others.

He thought he could trust his friend with this precious information which goes to show how wrong any of us can be.

Exit is now seeking advice on the lawfulness of Chris' compulsory detention as the Victorian Mental Health Act is quite clear.

An Assessment Order can only be made if the person 'appears to have mental illness' and because of this 'needs immediate treatment' to 'prevent serious harm' to themselves.

Chris has never appeared mentally ill, namely because he isn't.

A quasi diagnosis using the psychiatric catch-all 'adjustment disorder' was quickly rescinded.

What he is, is hopping mad at his treatment by the State.

In what he ironically refers to as his 'bonus' from his 6 days involuntary incarceration is that Chris now has Covid-19 (despite being quadruple jabbed). Only at this point did the system send the supposedly suicidal man home to self-isolate.

Read Chris' story on the Exit Blog

Victorian Readers can read more their Mental Health Rights here.

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