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Live from Pegasos in Switzerland


  • Dying in Switzerland - an overview
  • Why do the Swiss have only 2 safeguards?
  • What makes Pegasos Swiss Association special?
  • Qualifying for a VAD in Switzerland: eg. mental illness
  • Special guest speakers
  • Pegasos applications, timelines, travel assistance etc
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  • Next Snippet Wednesday 2 June 2021, 22.00 BST (London Time)
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May 2021 Exit Podcast - Now Available

A Retrospective with Philip Nitschke

The May Exit Podcast (note name change) features an interview with Philip Nitschke as he reflects on the highs / lows of 25+ years of end of life political activism including the effect on his work of his move to the Netherlands, how it feels to be politically persecuted, major turning points in the debate and where the next generation of activists will come from and who they are.

A podcast not to miss!

Listen Now to all Exit Doxit Podcasts on the Peaceful Pill Website or on Anchor, Spotify etc.

California Loosens the Stranglehold

Another Jurisdiction Sees Sense

The State of California is doing what others have done before it, namely loosening the ridiculous safeguards that surround its End of Life Option Act.

This means that another jurisdiction has realised that the medical model law it put in place is not working for everyone.

Reduction in wait time between mandated multiple oral requests for help from 15 days to 48 hours
Lifting of the 2026 sunset clause - making the law permanent
Elimination of the requirement that the patient make a written attestation within 48 hours of taking the drug.

If you are so sick that death is a preferable option, you would hardly want to be fussing around with this type of bureaucracy.

The only thing surprising in the 2017 study by Kaiser Permanente SC was that only 21% (and not more) of those surveyed cited the 'time-consuming process' associated with using the law as their reason for not pursuing their applications.

Read the full Associated Press report on the Exit International website.


It's Horses for Courses

Since 2008, Exit International has published both print and online editions of The Peaceful Pill e/Handbook.

Whether one chooses the print or online depends on personal requirements.

A spreadsheet of the differences can be found on the website at www.peacefulpill.com

In short, the online PPH includes:
On the other hand the print PPH, smells like a book! And for some of us, that is very important too.

The print 2021 PPH is available on Amazon - Buy
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