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Exit Hacking Masterclasses


In 2010, Exit International  held Hacking Masterclasses for Seniors wanting to circumvent the then Rudd Government's proposed mandatory internet filtering plan.  
The Masterclass series was designed by one of the countries leading young IT gurus Davis Campbell of Newcastle and was prompted by the  inclusion of Exit International websites www.peacefulpill.com on the Government's secret Blacklist of banned websites.

If implemented, the Clean Feed policy will see older Australians denied access to current end of life information.

The Enex Content Filtering Report commissioned by the Federal government which was released in October 2009 by Senator Conroy noted that a “technically competent” user could, if they wished, circumvent the filtering technology. 

To ensure that elderly Australians can continue to receive this important information after the Federal Government's Censorship takes effect, the Masterclass provided plain language targeted for Seniors.

As one commentator stated after reviewing Campbell’s Masterclass – “It shows that by passing the Conroy filter is child’s play – so simple that your grandmother can do it!”

In 2010, over 600 elderly Australian attended hacking courses held in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Brisbane
To read more about the Filter and Exit's response to it, see the media links below.